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Founded on the principles of integrity and transparency, our products are built to stand the test of time. The healthcare environment is very specialized and we ensure that our products meet and exceed the needs of medical professionals. As we develop and design our products, we take into consideration infection control and make sure there are no areas that will harbor bacteria. Infection prevention is becoming a very large issue in today’s healthcare setting and we make sure that our products are designed to minimize that risk.

Contour Vertex Stretcher Chair

A stretcher chair with accurate head positioning and clear access for Eye, ENT, Plastics or Dental.

  • Treatment and transfer chair with infinitely adjustable headrest for Eye, ENT, Plastics and Dental
  • Ultra thin headrest design for best surgeon clearance
  • Choice of flat or scalloped head cushion
  • 18 – 33 inch height range with lie-flat and forward / reverse tilt
  • 30.7 x 45.3 inch overall size sitting (69.3 inch long while lying)
  • Wider top option available
  • 4 inch thick premium, removable mattress cushion
  • User friendly, long life battery operation
  • 660Lb weight capacity
  • Glide-away dropsides with no protrusions
  • Steer/brake pedals on both sides
  • Sockets on all four corners for many accessories
  • Twin wheel 6 inch castors with double steer
  • Choice of armrest colors for easy identification


A surgeon must be comfortable and completely sure of the supporting equipment used during delicate surgery procedures.  This Stretcher Chair for Eye Surgery does that. 

The rigid locking headrest on this chair is designed slimline with excellent leg clearance, bringing the patient close to help reduce back and neck strain whilst performing surgery. Quickly and safely position a patients head to exactly where it needs to be with the fully adjustable locking system. Choose between the standard scalloped head cushion or a flat surface for use with ring positioners and add specialized accessories to enhance surgical precision and patient support during recovery.