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P1500 Washer-Disinfector

The Sterling P1500 washer-disinfector streamlines and automates the decontamination process – bringing unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility to the Sterile Processing Department.

LESS WATER CONSUMPTION Averaging just 5.8 gallons per water fill, the Sterling P1500 uses up to 40% less water than its competition. This lowers the utility and sewage bills, and also reduces the amount of costly chemical usage and harmful waste by-products.

COMPLETELY OPEN CYCLE ARCHITECTURE The Sterling P1500 allows for 40 fully customized cycles, each with 10 available wash phases, providing the flexibility required to meet any thermal disinfection need. Use the intuitive touchscreen controls to add or edit parameters for pre-wash, wash, rinse or dry phases and ensure that each water and temperature compatible device is cleaned according to manufacturer specifications.

PROCESS MORE IN A SMALLER FOOTPRINT Having the industry’s smallest overall design, the P1500 has the deepest depth – allowing it to maintain an impressive processing capacity. When space is a factor, the Sterling P1500 provides the best throughput per cycle in the smallest footprint.