Innovative technologies for the Acute Care environment including equipment for the OR, Cath Lab, Hybrid OR, SPD, ICU, ER, and L&D.

Panasonic 32-Inch 3D Medical Grade Monitor

The Xpol® circular polarizing system offers several advantages. Panasonic’s circular polarizing glasses and the Xpol® system maintain the stereoscopic effect even when the head is tilted slightly to left or right – a vital benefit that linear polarization can not provide. This enables a natural viewing environment in which several people can watch the same 3D display. Superb color reproduction and user-friendly technology reduce eye fatigue and allow for display of 2D content.

  • 32″ Class IPS-Pro Panel
  • 3D imaging with Xpol circular polarizing system
  • Flexible switching from 2D to 3D
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Multiple 3D formats