Innovative technologies for the Acute Care environment including equipment for the OR, Cath Lab, Hybrid OR, SPD, ICU, ER, and L&D.

Stellar XL Surgical Lights

Well-suited for any surgical application, the Stellar XL light delivers advanced focusability and optimal shadow control to the operating room. The Stellar XL offers the ideal balance of features and value – whether updating outdated technology or outfitting a new space.

HANDLE CONTROLLED FOCUS CAPABILITY Featuring a 27” range of total focusable depth, the Stellar XL’s focal point can be easily fine-tuned with the center sterile handle – without moving the lighthead itself • Set and forget the lighthead at a specific height • Extend the working distance without moving the lighthead • Reduce risk of contact with the lighthead or impeding line of sight to staff or displays

SUSPENDED LED SYSTEM Each of the high-intensity LED is suspended upward-facing in its cradle, allowing the vertically segmented reflector (VSRD) to redirect overlapping rays down to the surgical field. The result is 2,000+ beams of light that converge into a continuous column, leading to: • A crisp, homogeneous spot • Excellent shadow reduction • Hidden LEDs that eliminate glare • Improved thermal control • A cool, comfortable working environment

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