Umano Medical

We are much more than a hospital bed manufacturer: we are your next trusted partner. As a leader in the medical industry, Umano Medical designs, manufactures and distributes a unique line of value-driven hospital beds and complementary medical products. Through our people-focused approach and innovative bed platform—the ook snow—we provide a solution to the actual needs of healthcare institutions. Our team is eager to exceed your expectations and solve the next challenge. Our incredible story has made us passionate, agile and fearless. And, as a Canadian hospital bed provider and trusted partner, we are delighted to represent the new alternative. Hospital beds for Acute Care, Long Term Care, Behavioral Health and Emergency needs

Umano Connect

Umano Medical Wi-Fi Bed Connectivity

Umano is a leading manufacturer of hospital beds. The newly added wi-fi connected technology allows multiple pieces of patient data to be collected from the bed itself to “talk” with computers and handheld devices, allowing for continuous and easier patient monitoring. It’s all about bed connectivity to enhance workflow and provide superior patient outcomes.