Keckler Medical has multiple solutions to assist healthcare facilities during this challenging time.

Swabs & Transport Mediums

Manufacturer: MedSchenker

  • Flocked nylon swabs (tip and shaft) with molded break points
  • 1.5 ml, 2.5 ml or 3 ml transport media options
  • FDA registered (individually packaged, 510k exempt)
  • Multiple purchase options
  • Stable at room temperature
  • Stand up and shatterproof plastic vials
  • Stock available for immediate shipment (smaller quantities); short lead times on larger quantities

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UV-C Disinfecting Robots

Manufacturer: Skytron

  • Effective against COVID-19
  • Highest UV-C dosage, most efficient robots out of all available options on the market
  • Single, whole-room treatments
  • Seamless integration into housekeeping workflow “Set it and forget it”
  • Overview Video:
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Electroclave UV-C Disinfecting Box

Manufacturer: Seal Shield

  • Effective against COVID-19
  • Disinfect mobile devices and other small high-touch objects in just 60 seconds
  • Utilize in the OR, NICU/L&D, Med Surg/ICU, ED, Sterile Processing, Lab/Pharmacy and more.
  • Track mobile devices via RFID technology and generate real-time reports to increase accountability and visibility of what is being disinfected on every shift
  • Receive alerts via text/email/mobile app when a mobile device needs to be disinfected
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Hospital Beds (Emergency, ICU, Telemetry)

Manufacturer: Umano Medical

  • Infection reducing seamless smooth siderails
  • Low height, fall risk reducing
  • Easy to maneuver, expandability for bariatric needs
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Disposable/Recyclable Curtains Treated with Antimicrobial Elements

Manufacturer: Elers Medical

  • 100% Recyclable, polypropylene material
  • Antimicrobial treatment technology to inhibit the growth microorganisms on surface of curtain
  • Thicker ply polypropylene material to create a more appealing look / feel for staff and patients
  • Manufactured in Europe with the highest quality control standards
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