Grateful Employees go the Extra Mile

Most people would agree that business owners have an obligation to their employees to create workplaces that are positive, and enjoyable. It’s the least we can do for the people who give so much of themselves to help the company succeed.
At J.M. Keckler Medical Co., we also believe we have an obligation to our customers to make our company a great place to work. Some may not immediately appreciate that connection, but it’s always been obvious to us.
We recognize and appreciate our employees’ hard work and dedication, and they make it clear that they’re grateful for our positive work environment. One of the ways they show this is by regularly going above and beyond for our customers.
Here is one example that reflects the Keckler Medical spirit:
“We got an urgent weekend call from a hospital administrator about problems with newly installed sterilizer equipment that absolutely had to be operational when their new facility opened on Monday morning,” recalled company owner and founder Mike Keckler. “Most companies would have committed to being there at the start of the next business day — at best. Our technicians took pride in Keckler’s reputation for stellar service and chose to arrive at 4 a.m.
“Just eight hours after we received the desperate administrator’s phone call, our technicians diagnosed the problem and completed the work in time to ensure the hospital and its understandably stressed administrator came out looking great and feeling grateful for the outstanding effort.”
Creating a Great Place to Work is Intentional
We are proud to say that we recruit, thoroughly train and fully support the best people in the medical equipment industry. Still, great employees can do an even better job of serving our customers in a culture where we put their best interests first.
Providing competitive pay and benefits is a given for any business that aspires to become a great place to work. But we believe it’s more than money that truly separates the best employers.
People who genuinely want to do good work and help the company achieve its business goals can be worn down by common workplace issues. A lack of opportunity for advancement, little or no recognition of jobs well done, poor internal communication and “corporate politics” can undermine and wreck morale.
And then there are issues that straddle the line between work and personal life. For example, a lack of money management skills and the associated financial struggles can cause employees to feel anxious or depressed. As a result, they may be unable to meet the work quality standards the company sets for them or that they set for themselves.
These challenges are why we consistently look for ways to improve our workplace — for our employees and, by extension, the customers they serve. Across all our departments — sales, service, logistics, customer care – our employees receive extensive and ongoing training from manufacturers on the equipment we sell and service. Keckler employees are lifelong learners who pride themselves on keeping up to date on all the changing technology. We believe the experience, industry knowledge and empathy that our employees bring to any situation involving medical equipment sets our company apart from the competition.
We also view our investments in our team members as absolutely vital to assuring that they will ultimately provide the very best service for our customers.
Ours is not the only way to do business, but we believe it’s a fundamental reason that J.M. Keckler Medical Co., Inc. has succeeded for nearly 50 years. We believe it takes high-quality people to deliver the high-quality healthcare millions of people in California and Nevada expect and deserve.