WEG Surgical Solutions

WEG Surgical Solutions was started to fill the gap between under engineered and dated products to over engineered attempted solutions. With decades of experience in the medical device field, WEG knew the key to innovating was to work directly with the individuals using these products. WEG Surgical Solutions worked closely with operating room nurses to develop tools that served the needs of the nurses and the safety of the patients. www.wegsurgicalsolutions.com

WEG Warming Solutions

The risk of breaches to the sterile field caused by “burns” or “holes” in the traditional sterile warming drapes reduces confidence. WEG Warming Systems are built to precisely control temperature, aid drape placement, and provide additional protection to help to prevent drape burns or punctures which can result in contamination of the sterile irrigation solution. WEG Solution Warming Systems assist in keeping the patient warm while maintaining a sterile environment, helping support the team’s confidence in great surgical outcomes.