Our team prides itself on solving complex problems

J.M. Keckler Medical Company’s founders started the company 50 years ago and quickly gained traction by providing a higher level of attentiveness and service than their customers were accustomed to. Mike and Susie Keckler called on healthcare professionals in the morning and then personally delivered that day’s orders in the afternoon.

Since that modest start, the company has grown steadily and today is recognized throughout California and Nevada as a leader in the medical equipment industry. Among many other things, Keckler Medical is respected and admired for our unique ability to successfully solve time-sensitive complex problems.


Humility, Honesty and Hard Work

Mike Keckler’s approach to problem-solving sets the standard for every company employee who interacts with customers. When he meets with decision-makers to discuss an issue they’re facing, he always frames the conversation this way: “I don’t fully understand your problem right now. But I will. And I will contact you tomorrow with a proposed solution.” And then, he listens — intently.

The Keckler Medical team has learned it develops the most effective solutions when it starts by being humble and honest in determining an organization’s needs and our ability to meet those requirements.

From that basis of deep understanding, team members work hard to deliver the required products and services on time and within budget – regardless of the challenges faced along the way. Keckler’s “listen-assess-act” approach has another proven benefit — it reduces stress and creates confidence in all stakeholders. The sense that Keckler truly “has the back” of people and organizations whose reputation is on the line is why so many healthcare providers turn to us again and again.

Investing in Prompt, Effective Solutions

Every company promises “prompt solutions,” but Keckler Medical invests in them. We understand that when you need service on your equipment, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a technician to make multiple trips between our warehouse and your facility. That’s why we enable our team members to complete more service calls on the first visit.

It’s also why we stock our vans with the most commonly needed tools, parts and supplies. There is a high cost to maintaining that kind of inventory, but it’s an investment that pays tremendous dividends for our customers.

Keckler also enables fast, comprehensive solutions by ensuring that our technicians are highly trained and fully certified. Plus, they spend many hours shadowing our experienced employees. And just as important as teaching technical skills, our training program instills in our employees the notion of grace under pressure. When a customer encounters problems that cause other companies to step away, we step up.

“I can recall several situations throughout our history when, through no fault of ours, serious issues occurred,” says Mike Keckler. “One, in particular, had a Keckler executive angry that we’d been put on the spot by another company’s mistake. My comment to him was something we’ve proven repeatedly: ‘When difficult circumstances arise, we’re at our best.’ We take pride in that fact, and our customers take comfort in it.”

With J.M. Keckler Medical, your challenge is our challenge; your urgent need is our urgent task. And that’s not marketing speak — it’s a fact. We call it “attentive service.” Our 50 years of successful business demonstrate that we prioritize long-term relationships over short-term profits. All it takes to confirm that assertion is working with Keckler Medical on one project.