Infinitus Medical Technologies

Trendelenburg Positioning Solutions That Evolve Standards of Safe Care!

Infinitus Medical Technologies (iMT®) uses a clinical approach to creating effective solutions for surgical care environments and beyond.

Their products are designed to facilitate highly reliable processes. Each serve to improve efficiency and performance, while standardizing care and safety for both patients and their care providers.

Genesis Bi-Wing AAP

  • PneumaFOM™ technology for pressure relief and optimized traction
  • PneumaFOM™ padded chest strap
  • 100% skin to pad contact
  • Traction pads for stability
  • Handles to lift and slide patient and pad together
  • Built-in adjustable arm protection and ready anesthesia access
  • Removable perineal cutout
  • Safety straps
  • Scaffolding across perineal cut out to reduce sacral tissue herniation and pressure injury risks

Safe Reliable Repeatable Process for All Patients!

  1. Place Pad at Top of Table for Safe Airway Management
  2. Position Patient on Pad for Easy Anesthesia Access
  3. Tuck Patient’s Arms with Built In Adjustable Arm Protection System (Easy Anesthesia Access for Safe Care)
  4. Lift and Slide Patient and Pad Together
  5. Use Pad to Make Any Necessary Final
  6. Apply PneumaFOM™ to Surgical Positions Like Lithtomy Adjustment for Surgical Access Padded Safety Strap

Genesis Bi-Wing AAP Brochure