Skytron is the Healthcare Efficiency Specialist, providing full-room solutions of capital equipment, architectural and real-time information systems for Medical, Surgical, Sterile Processing, and Infection Prevention. Our solutions enhance the utilization of people, facilities, and capital because they are designed with the user in mind and have a low, long-term cost of ownership. Innovative technologies for the Acute Care environment including equipment for the OR, Cath Lab, Hybrid OR, SPD, ICU, ER, and L&D.

6702 HERCULES Surgical Table

The 6702 Hercules is the strongest table in the market. The impressive 1,200 lb. lift capacity makes the 6702 an ideal solution for bariatric cases. Hercules provides patient safety with its 210° top rotation, eliminating the need to reverse the patient on the table all while allowing access to all surgical staff.

6702 Hercules Brochure REV3