Skytron is the Healthcare Efficiency Specialist, providing full-room solutions of capital equipment, architectural and real-time information systems for Medical, Surgical, Sterile Processing, and Infection Prevention. Our solutions enhance the utilization of people, facilities, and capital because they are designed with the user in mind and have a low, long-term cost of ownership. Innovative technologies for the Acute Care environment including equipment for the OR, Cath Lab, Hybrid OR, SPD, ICU, ER, and L&D.

P1800 Washer-Disinfector

The Sterling P1800 is designed to set a new standard for Sterile Processing Departments. With a large capacity, small footprint, fast cycles, low water and electrical consumption and most important, disinfected devices on a consistent basis.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    • Less water and chemical use than other washers
    • Save 50% in chemical and sewage costs
  • Comply With Your Medical Device IFU’s
    • Edit cycle parameters to meet your needs
    • Document the performance of all cycles electronically
  • Maximize Your Efficiency
    • Best throughput per cycle in the least amount of space
    • Up to 18 DIN trays per cycle

P1800 Brochure REV1