Hiring great people, treating them well defines our philosophy

As much as many people like to analyze the factors that allow any company to become known as a great place to work, much of what makes the biggest difference is common sense – hire good people, train them well, offer compensation programs that allow them to make a reasonable living, and support and respect their lives outside of the workplace.

That’s what we’ve tried to do for the past 50 years at J.M. Keckler Medical Co. And while we don’t pretend to judge what other organizations do, we are proud that our philosophy has created a culture and an environment in which people feel empowered and trusted, which in turn inspires their loyalty to us and their dedication to the very important services we provide to our clients

We are in the healthcare business, after all. We exist to help people. We are a service company whose mission is to partner with our customers, employees, suppliers and lenders to solve complex problems related to capital equipment sales and service in the acute care industry.

So how do we do that? It starts with our people. There are countless ways we try to create a positive environment and workplace culture for our employees, from formal programs to informal (but just as powerful) human connections. Some of them include:

• Competitive pay and benefits. This isn’t the only or best way to show our gratitude to employees, but it is essential that we ensure they can provide for their families.

• Comprehensive technical training. From onsite technicians to sales reps to administrative staff, everyone in our company understands the products we represent. And with that knowledge comes confidence that helps our team perform well under pressure.

Autonomy. While teamwork is essential to providing exceptional customer service, we encourage our employees to be critical thinkers who don’t hesitate to make important decisions. We’ve trained them and we trust them.

• Life skills. Whether in a classroom setting or a casual conversation, we share helpful, practical knowledge in a friendly, non-judgmental way when, where and with whom it will be most beneficial.

• The J.M. Keckler Medical compensation “matrix.” Each employee has different needs from their employment package. That’s why we’re studying a program where team members can customize their compensation by selecting options that best address their needs — including things like pay, benefits, paid leave, insurance and more.  

Doing it for the Right Reasons

We’ve never applied to any of the numerous “great place to work” competitions. We’ve steered clear of them not because we don’t think we match up well, but because that’s not why we do what we do.

We care about our employees and our customers — it’s as simple as that.

Creating a positive work environment enables us to attract and retain the most talented and dedicated people in the business. Our team of healthcare champions have allowed us to establish and maintain relationships with some remarkable healthcare organizations throughout Northern California and Western Nevada. If there’s anything self-serving about our efforts in this area, it’s that they ensure we get to work and interact every day with happy and invested people!